My position on Water

Water quality and supply issues are among the most important topics facing Floridians. Water is Florida’s most precious natural resource, and we must continue working to develop innovative solutions to address our water supply and clean our waterways.

Having Agriculturalists at the negotiating table when developing water policy is also important. Agriculture is no longer the number one consumer of water in Florida, but the industry still remains a favorite scapegoat when debating water issues. I commend the current administration for bringing farmers and ranchers to the table, and I look forward to building on those efforts.

As a lifelong farmer and rancher, I’ve implemented Best Management Practices (BMPs) and other conservation methods at my ranch in order to conserve water and take care of my land. Smart approaches to land management need to be encouraged statewide as we work together to make certain we have abundant, clean drinking water to meet the needs of generations to come. Farmers have demonstrated an ongoing ability to do more with less, and we must support them in these efforts.