My position on the 2nd Amendment

As a lifelong family farmer and rancher guns are a part of my everyday life. I was fortunate to learn at an early age how to safely and responsibly use firearms. My family and I hunt on a regular basis, and I’ve continued that tradition with my daughter, Holly-Kate. I’m teaching her the same lessons I was taught – respect for firearms is critical, as is proper training in their usage and safe-keeping.  

I’m a life member of the National Rifle Association and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment. This extends to many facets of gun ownership. For example, the Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services administers Florida’s concealed weapons permitting program, and the right to defend one’s self is fundamental to our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms. As the cabinet member in charge of managing this program, I will do all in my power to ensure the public’s trust in the program is strong. It is important to me that we responsibly evaluate ways to streamline bureaucracy while ensuring all applicable laws are faithfully followed. This means conducting adequate vetting and background checks while always looking for common sense ways to promote a seamless and hassle-free application process for all who safely and lawfully qualify. 

Our Second Amendment rights are just as important as our First or Fourth Amendment rights, and I will treat them accordingly.