Baxter and Family

Baxter Troutman is a family farmer and rancher with a lifetime of experience working in citrus and cattle. For two decades Troutman has been the CEO of Labor Solutions, a personnel services company with 5 locations in Central Florida. Since opening their doors in 1997, Labor Solutions has helped place over 52,000 Floridians in jobs throughout the Sunshine State.

Dark Hammock Legacy Ranch is his beef cattle operation which is located in Highlands County. He served as the first president of the Florida AgriTourism Association board of directors and was a former board member of Farm Credit of Florida, Alico and Polk County Farm Bureau. Baxter is also a lifetime member of the National Rifle Association.

In addition to his success in agriculture and as a job creator, Troutman has been a community leader and citizen servant. From 2002 to 2010 he was a member of the Florida House of Representatives serving House District 66 with a record as a common-sense conservative. While a state representative Troutman was vice chair of the Committee on Environmental Protection, Environment & Natural Resources Council and Chaired the General Government Council. Troutman also helped form the Florida legislature’s Sportsmen Caucus, a group of Representatives and Senators dedicated to maintaining and promoting our second amendment rights.

Baxter is married to Becky Troutman, a former teacher with a graduate degree in school psychology. Becky works in her community to make local education better, especially for children from low income areas. They are proud parents raising their daughter Holly-Kate who has just started the third grade.

In the summer of 2017, Baxter Troutman announced as a candidate for Florida Agriculture Commissioner. With a lifetime of experience in farming, Baxter will ensure that future generations of Floridians understand the important role the agriculture industry plays in Florida’s economic security by growing food that feeds the world.